Our Plants and Processes

BTP has three production plants in where there are different processes, manufacturing from raw materials to the production of final products, complying with the highest quality standards, required by national and international markets.



This plant has achieved production and product diversification. In the area of water are manufactured micrometers speed and volume with the highest technology, macrometers that meet the quality standards required by international markets; accessories for water and gas, manufactured in brass forjable for different types of piping and industrial products that supply major national companies.


Machining process

To obtain the greater accuracy and precision in the machining of parts we have five lathes of numerical control Mazak and Lead Well, 12 lathes stir, 3 Thonshoff lathes, a transfer and 16 holes of tree.

Plastic Injection Process

To achieve integration in the manufacture of our products, we have two plastic injection machines, where the polymers components are injected to the final product.


Forging process

Brass parts that are shaped by the fall of a head on a billet of material in plastic state, obtained by temperature in molds with default figures are made to copy exactly. This process has 8 presses with capacities from 100 to 480 tons per hit, 3 stampers and three blasters. This material is characterized by its excellent plasticity and high malleability. Non-toxic, polluting or corrosive.

Assembly process

With labor of a highly qualified team, assembly and verification of the internal components of the meters is performed. All meters and accessories for water connections are submitted to hydrostatic and leak tests, in compliance with existing quality standards.


Each meter is tested for calibration and verification where you give up using higher flow rates and an electronic control device. Subsequently, a volume comparison against standards is done properly calibrated to determine the percentage errors of calibration and check the conformity of the meter according to the standard.