Our Plants and Processes

BTP has three production plants in where there are different processes, manufacturing from raw materials to the production of final products, complying with the highest quality standards, required by national and international markets.



This plant has four induction furnaces to produce ingots, bars, bushings, injected parts and molded parts.

  • Induction Furnace: 1250 cycles. 500 kilos/hour
  • Pillar Furnace : 3000 cycles. 80 kilos/hour
  • Meic Furnace: 60 cycles. 800 kilos/hour
  • Fomet Furnace: 60 cycles. 500 kilos/hour

Foundry process

In this process, various alloys of non-ferrous metals materials are obtained such as brass, bronze and copper.

Spinning process

This process produce concentric parts of bronze on two machines, one vertical and one horizontal, with outer diameter 5" up to 24" and a maximum length of 130 cm. Production capacity is 30 tons per month.



The casted pieces have a core to lighten the weight.

Injection process

In this process, parts are manufactured in non-ferrous metals that require irregular internal configuration such as faucets, accessories connections of water and measuring centers. Production capacity is 20 tons per month.


Continuous casting process

There are two continuous casters, one vertical and one horizontal, where brass, bronzes and copper are cast from 7/8 "to 5", used as raw material in the extrusion process, forging and tooling. Its production capacity is 460 tons per month.