BTP Medidores y Accesorios S.A has a broad portfolio of products that meet the highest standards of quality, meeting the needs of water companies of the country.

Single jet meter of magnetic transmission. It may deliver C or R-160.

Meter single Jet with metallic body of magnetic transmission, pre fitted for radio frequency with a diameter of 15-20 mm. Class B.

Multi-jet meter mechanical transmission, compatible with remote reading systems, diameters of 15-40 mm. Class C.

Multi-jet meter (horizontal) magnetic transmission. Class B.

Multi-jet meter (horizontal) magnetic transmission. Class B.

Single Jet meter of mechanical transmission, can be installed in any position. Class C. R-160 Vertical or R - 250 Horizontal approval DE 09-MI001-PTB002.




½"-¾"- 1"



Water Meters with metallic body or plastic class C and R-160, has been the most demand in the entire Colombian territory, which speaks of quality and acceptance by all the national water companies. They are robust due to its construction of metallic body forgeable brass and high quality composite. They can be installed in horizontal and vertical position without losing its metrological class.

620 ½" – 1 ½"

R-315 water meter with metal body can be installed in any position. It is characterized by having the starting point lower market ( < 1 l/h), making the lower weighted average error and maximising turnover levels. Tote with internal cleanser, high metrological stability, leak detector, handheld recorder up to 350 ° and pre-equipped for telemetry systems. Approval DE-07-MI001 with R-315.

620 C COMPOSITE ½"-¾"

This water meter takes the metrological characteristics of 620. Its body is made of composite material based on a polyamide polymer and long glass fibers, which give it exceptional strength in all conditions, even in highly corrosive environments. The advanced design of its connections make installation to compensate lengths and eccentricities, to + 2mm. Approval DE-07-MI001 with R-315.


Water meter composite body, pre-equipped for remote reading. Class C.


BTP has within its product portfolio with macrometers mechanical, ultrasonic and electromagnetics directed to measuring the zoning of large water companies. Thewater meter can come pre-equipped with telemetry.


The macrometers Meinecke Sensus, speed type Woltman, with the following specifications:

Adjustable totalizer 360 °, patented rotor, hydrodynamically balanced with symmetrical calibration adjustment patented set of interchangeable insert in the field without removing the meter to the laboratory or workshop, wide measurement range with minimal loss, unalterable by magnetic disturbances, protection corrosion epoxy paint polymerised by heat and pulse output for remote reading. Meistream Plus approval DE 09-MI001 PTB012 R-315.


Water meter of great precision with a system of double beam, digital display, long-lasting batteries, and comes pre-equipped for reading remote protection IP-68. Approval UK/0126/0094 R-500.