Special Projects

BTP Medidores y Accesorios, in strategic partnership with leading companies in the water sector itnernacional level has developed its special projects.

It is a multifunction device that independently controls the water supply in home service, and storing the readings on the scheduled date.

In addition, it can be questioned at any time by radio frequency or touch, reducing errors in reading and capture.

Lucas controls a valve that can open and/or close according to a schedule, or a daily volume, allowing a dosage level of home service.

It is possible to operate manually by radiofrequency, in this way, facilitates the collection because it can be programmed by the operator to automatically sanction the user the expiration of a prepaid service or a predefined period of credit, assuming the function of disconnection and reconnection.


It is a tool designed to optimize the operation of the water system, ensuring continuous supply of drinking water. For the implementation of this plan must comply with the hydraulic study which formulation works, is generated for later installation of the micromedidores. Some of its benefits:

  • Water Consumption.
  • Pressurized Water Distribution System.
  • Better control of the system.
  • Best cost-benefit ratios on investment.
  • Best service indicators.
  • Reducing of unaccounted water.
  • Greater continuity.
  • Better water quality.


Can measure pressures and flows remotely controlling them, optimizing service and reducing costs. Through OCTAVE ultrasonic meter with analog and digital outputs, connected to a PLC, the consumer gets to know the area, histogram, like real-time detection system failures. The regulator valve piloted by solenoid valves and also connected to the PLC, controls and maintains the pressure according to what the system administrator requires.


Water Management Control

Vital minimum. Programmable multifunction device for autonomous control of vital minimum and prepaid.




This tool, designed by BTP may be used to determine the solution to the water loss. This software can be downloaded from the cloud. With SGG, your utility company can optimize the following:

  • Land Registry: Use the property. Type of connection. Type of meter installed -meter change-. Geoposition -update number of users-. Property demand. Route optimization reading and control readers.
  • Selection. Suggests the meter to be installed according to certain variables.
  • Valuation. Calculation of the index of submeter of water meters Park.