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Test Benches

BTP AQUAFORJAS is a leading company in the manufacture of stationary test benches, they are designed according to the needs of each client, complying with the requirements to facilitate the accreditation process before the state entities in charge.

Portable Test Bench

This device, manufactured by BTP AQUAFORJAS, is used to carry out on-site verification of the installed drinking water meters. This equipment operates by comparing the operating conditions of a water meter “in situ”, with a standard meter reaching better levels of accuracy.

Likewise, it has calibration with traceability to international standards and must ensure in its technical and metrological characteristics an uncertainty less than or equal to 1/3 of the maximum allowed error.
On the other hand, it performs the verification of half-inch diameter gauges.

Safety Boxes for Meter Installation

Allows the installation of 1/2” meters up to 190 mm in length. High-density polystyrene body and lid, facilitates installation and handling


Flexibility in shapes, sizes and designs for each application, security closure system that facilitates inspection and reading, suitable for all types of environments.