BTP Aquaforjas, in strategic alliance with important companies in the water sector at an international level, develops special projects aimed at the implementation of solutions for water control.

Technical Loss Detection

Satellite Detection of leaks

We have established a strategic alliance with the company Utilis Corp of Israel, to offer aqueducts a viable, real and economical solution, which allows identifying from space with great accuracy, the coordinates where leaks are occurring, so that they can be attended to in short time minimizing your losses.


ASTERRA works through the use of a satellite that orbits the earth and from which signals are sent that bounce under the earth's surface, creating an image that, when superimposed on the network information system, determines the leak points to which it must be addressed. attention.
Btp Aquaforjas has launched this project in several cities in the country with excellent results.

Satellite Detection of leaks

ASTERRA is not only capable of pre-locating leaks in treated and sewage water in aqueducts, it is also a tool that can support large engineering works such as highways, bridges, subways and dams. The satellite has a footprint of 50 X 70 kilometers, which allows locating humidity in the subsoil.

Business Loss Detection

Software Aquaforges

AQUAFORJAS Analytics software can be accessed through the cloud, this frees your company from IT burdens and costs. The software receives the data from all the Gateways in the network and is responsible for storing them in databases in order to generate queries and analyze them.